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Commonwealth of Australia - The Treasury

Annual Report 2014/15

Case study: Sydney Office established

To support Treasury’s priority for meaningful and continual external engagement, Treasury has established an office in the Sydney CBD.

As a central agency, Treasury wants productive, ongoing engagement to be standard practice. For Treasury, consultation and engagement informs its advice, brings understanding, influence and confidence that Treasury will deliver sound, authoritative advice to government.

Staff will engage broadly with government; non-government; think tanks; academia; small, medium and large business; the social welfare sector; industry; the financial sector; peak organisations; and the community. Through consultation on policy, Treasury staff will be made aware of business conditions, trends and attitudes.

A presence in Sydney means Treasury has the opportunity to form stronger relationships with the private sector and to build on existing relationships through additional engagement. It supports more secondments from the private sector and a wider engagement of staff, for the mutual benefit of all parties.

The Sydney office will help build Treasury’s organisational capability. It has been established with existing Treasury staff, secondees and non-ongoing staff. The organisational structure in the Sydney office will enhance existing Treasury policy development and initiatives and offers potential new areas for policy development.

Next year Treasury will establish an office in Melbourne.